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Made For Each Other

Mike and I -- A Dream Come True

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Dr. Seuss

I have thought hard over the past years about why I survived all the loss that I had in my twenties. The obvious answer of course is God and His Supernatural love and power in my life. The second was my will to live and continue on and be a part of my own little family again, and then there’s the old, I came from hearty stock argument. I do not dismiss any of these and rather think it was a strong combination of the three factors that pulled me back from sorrow, and depression, kept me from self-pity and bitterness — and helped me rebuild my life on a the rocky foundation of a condition that reared its ugly head 9 months post-partum with my son: bi-polar disorder. That was the hardest battle. When it hit, it hit very hard. I was very sick and it took the best minds and hearts in the psychiatric community in the Twin Cities to put together the plan that saved me. And it took an enormous force of will on my part. Pure fight and will to live and build and have a new life. Get my job back, get a family again, be a whole person again and I really didn’t know or care in what order. The quote above was like an echo for me. I was stripped bare in every way. Lost my nuclear family: my husband and my boy, my job was on hold, my mind was in turmoil and not my friend as it had always been. I was just raw Libby. So I was honest about everything. I put up no fronts, sugar coated nothing. No more cockiness of my youth, my smart mouth had been replaced with bare bones honesty…what you saw was what you got. My best girlfriend and I were remembering this time today together at lunch. She said she felt inadequate to know what to do for me. I said, “You were great! You were there for me. You visited me in the hospital. The cage. How much better does it get?” We laughed together. The first guy she met in the hospital told her he was Jesus Christ. She told me. I said yeah, he told me the same thing too, his name is Michael.” We laughed again. Boy if you can laugh about your life, not just later, but during the nightmarish times, you have been given the greatest gift of all. Which brings me to my other theory: I come from hearty stock. My paternal grandmother was the strongest woman I ever met. And she could find something funny in any situation. She was a survivor. My dad, now that I’m older says I remind him more and more of her and honestly I couldn’t be more complimented!

I don’t have a picture of her, but I’ve got one of dad and I which is almost the same thing, the three of is look alike!

Dad and I

Well my dad saw me making a new life for myself. I had a new job at a different company. I didn’t like the old place when I tried to go back to it. And I was doing some writing at this job. I was happy and fit, jogging, that sort of thing. He said, “Would you like to meet someone?” I said, like a guy? He said yes. and I said sure. So two weeks later he picked me up at work and drove me to his place and introduced me to the man I was made for: Mike Sweiger. Needless to say we hit it off and were married approximately 4-1/2 months later, all the while planning a beautiful wedding. How did things progress so fast? I don’t really know. We were best friends from the start. Fell in love and were engaged within weeks and started to plan the wedding. Mike even asked my Dad to lunch to ask for my hand! In all solemnity, my dear dad said yes, but promise me one thing Mike, make her wait at least 3 years before she gets pregnant again, her body and mind need the rest. And I did! And he was right. Both Dad and Mike. I was married to a dear man, one I could trust to look out for the very best for me. One with a heart who loved God and loved me and loved and would always protect and keep strong our little family. It was the happiest end to a really tough story and all I can say is we were made for each other.


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8 thoughts on “Made For Each Other

  1. Wow. This is another very honest life story. This one and the preceding bring to mind a hymn verse:

    Each day at His good pleasure God’s gracious will is done.
    He sent His greatest treasure in Jesus Christ, His Son.
    He every gift imparts. The bread of earth and heaven
    Are by His kindness given. Praise Him with thankful hearts!

    Even at great loss, we can remember God the Father did not spare His Son but sent Him to earth and the cross to atone for what we could not. “Praise Him with thankful hearts!”

    The Dr. Seuss quote is great for a smile. It, too, reminds me of a song — but one more contemporary. The ring tone for close friends who call me is John Mayer’s “Say.” The refrain:

    “Say what you need to say.”

    It’s a reminder that I’m about to talk with someone who will take me for who I am and I can trust him or her with what’s on my mind. Thanks for saying, for sharing, Libby.


  2. Mark, what a fabulous comment! That you have such a lovely hymn pouring out of your heart this late at night says something wonderful about you! My favorite refrain during this time was not a hymn but a verse: Romans 8:28 “For we know that God causes ALL things to work together for good to those who LOVE Him and are called according to HIS purposes.” I clung to that verse for dear life some days. Thanks for the inspiring, beautiful comment! 🙂


  3. After a long, difficult day, I may head to church (where I have a key to the front door). In the dark and stillness, I’ll start singing. One of two favorite hymns to sing: “Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart”


  4. Oh my goodness Libby. What tough times the Lord has carried you through. But what blessings He’s had on the other side. And for your dad to introduce you to your future husband, what a gift! I can only hope for what you have someday!


  5. The Lord has blessed me that’s for sure and we’ve been married a very long time. But I cannot tell my story all at once! Blessings dear Mimi! 🙂


  6. It’s always a pleasure to read your stories about family and friends Libby. Please don’t EVER stop. Heartwarming and Spiritually uplifting. Thanks.


  7. So glad you’re enjoying these Dave. Love your stories about beautiful Campbell River where you live and all your friends and family — and the fabulous scenery and wildlife! No worries…I’ll keep telling my stories! 🙂


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