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Christmas Mom-Style

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ”
— Burton Hillis

My Beautiful Regal Mom's Last Card 2009. Alzheimers, Still Knows Her Kids!

If my mom missed us on Christmas Eve, she never said so. We were over at my dad’s having an uproariously good time which I will tell you about. My mom stayed home alone on Christmas Eve and wrapped our gifts. She always built a fire in the fireplace for us to come home to. And made popcorn for us in a big wooden bowl with matching little bowls and hot chocolate. We all got to open a gift from her that night and we always knew what it would be: our new jammies.

We loved coming home on Christmas Eve to our cozy house and Mom. She loved Christmas and the whole biblical history of the night. Our crèche was out by the fireplace, our tree was decked out beautifully, a real one despite my mom’s allergies.

We would hug and all tell our story of being at dad’s and show mom our presents. She would exclaim over each one. Then we would open our Christmas Eve present from her and rush to put them on. We would all sit together by the fire and drink cocoa and mom would read the bible, about the very first Christmas. We would huddle together and drink in the warmth of the fire, hot chocolate and love. There weren’t any other presents around the three, for Santa hadn’t come yet.

Soon we’d say our good nights, hugs and kisses and go to bed. Mom stayed downstairs for a while. The next morning couldn’t come fast enough. We all had to wait at the top of the stairs until my grand parents arrived. They came with more presents perhaps, we couldn’t really see them, but I knew them so I’d say so! When we got the word — the four of us would charge down the stairs and into the living room for Christmas morning…It was beautiful, breath-taking.

Our stockings were stuffed and we opened them first. Santa had been generous (they were my mom’s favorite part!) And my grandparents brought more love into the house so that it was bursting with it. More gifts to spoil us with, their great smiles and laughter so that our Christmas morning overflowed with it.

Soon my grandmother left to go home to the huge turkey she had in the oven, my grandfather her always gentlemanly escort by her side. Later that day would be Christmas dinner with our wonderful matching cousins and more merriment than the heart could hold!


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21 thoughts on “Christmas Mom-Style

  1. Beautiful post Libby of beautiful memories.


  2. Thanks Gabriella! Delighted you have found me here! Have a marvelous day, dear!


  3. Sounds like you have an extra-special mom Libby, but I already had that one figured out from past postings. You have been so blessed with two wonderful parents and grandparents. There is nothing like new jammy’s either.


    • You know it Tom! My mom is pretty much as good as gets in the mom-department! Not too many people are as fortunate as I am with two great parents and two sets of wonderful grandparents. Funny too! One thing I don’t think I’ve conveyed in my writing is how funny my dad is. I’ll have to work on that!


  4. Another wonderful memory into your life that has made you the wonderful woman of God you are today!!! Can’t wait to hear bout Christmas with DAD! LOVE YA MORE BUT JESUS LOVES YA MOST!


  5. Jeannette Baer on said:

    Sweet memories we hold in our hearts! I have similar memories of special moments and they are “so special” to me that it serves as a reminder now, to be creating those memories for my own kids. Even though they are now grown, I still make sure that our times together during holidays are filled with special gestures, even dishes and smells…such as pumpkin, cinnamon, candles. These ‘smells and moments’ will always bring them back home, if they just close their eyes…and memories and moments will be vivid once again.

    Hugs to you and mom!


  6. I imagine Jeannette that you have created some wonderful memories for your children! You are such a blessing to me! My daughter Abby has had some pretty great Christmases and not often thought of herself as an only child at those times with all of the cousins around. Special gestures for her would revolve more around new hockey sticks and Michael Jordan jogging shoes, than cinnamon and candles. 🙂 One thing I treasure each year is her ceramic phase and all the beautiful things she made for Momma, which she still calls me, when she was young. It’s a blessing this year that once again we will have mom among us AND dad! Have a wonderful time, my friend, preparing for another memorable Christmas!


  7. Denise on said:

    Cherish those Warm and fuzzy memories! Great post! Think I will start a new tradition – new jammies at Christmas! Wonderful…


  8. I will continue to cherish them — thanks Denise! It’s a wonderful tradition — throw in some fuzzy socks! 🙂


  9. Denise on said:

    Oh , fuzzy socks, love them!


  10. Can’t beat ’em! 🙂


  11. Somewhere Christmas became confused. It’s not about shinny, expensive things.
    It’s about “home”. Home, with loved ones sharing and giving of each other, creating memories that last a lifetime. THAT is what Christmas is. Thanks for reminding me Libby


  12. Creating that home for loved ones to come home to is a journey of the heart some women take in solitude, my mom never did. For her she was always married, first to my dad and then to Jesus, so she did it hand in hand with the one that she loved. As do I, with Mike and Jesus. Thank YOU Dave for reminding me how special that effort is.


  13. Michelle Light Whittemore on said:

    Libby you have beautiful writing of your memories. You are so lucky to still have your parents and even grandparents. Wow, you are very blessed.


    • Michelle! I am so blessed you have found my blog and commented and for the lovely compliment. I am fortunate at my age to still have both my parents who are 81. But my grandparents have all gone on before us. My maternal grandmother, Meme lived to be 93 and she went home to be with the Lord about 7 years ago. She was a treasure!


      • Michelle on said:

        Libby, I’m so sorry I must have read something wrong. Yes you are blessed. I have no parents or grandparents left. My exhusband has past so for my son, Im all he has left. I do have a brother and one uncle left on my fathers side. Quite a few left on my mother’s side. I love your beautiful writing and I would love to share my cousins song which is coming out on their album in a few weeks. I think you would love it. Let me know which email to send it to. I am so grateful you have offered to help us with our book about Mollarets. Thank you for gratiously sharing your expertise. Much love and prayers sent your way.


  14. Love to live vicariously through your Christmas memories, reviving memories of my own. The “charge down the stairs” reminds me of my sister, brothers and I gathering at the night light near my parents’ room early Christmas morning, starting in a low whisper and growing to excited chatter until they awoke from their “long winter’s nap” and herded us to the living room.

    Sweet memories!


  15. I wish I knew how to place an enormous heart in this comment box! Beautiful warming post! Luv and Light to you!!!!


  16. Oooh Daisy! You are such a sweetie! Many <3<3<3's back to you! Love, Libby


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