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The Arrival

The Mother’s Ring on my hand, babies Abby and Davey on Mantel

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

I love this quote. I saved it for one of the last posts. It is how I try to live every day. I feel the key to loving is to love unrestrained with your whole heart and not let past hurts get in the way. I don’t dance much anymore, this is a good reminder. My daughter’s dog Spunky loved to dance with me to the praise songs on the radio! They both live in Duluth, MN now. I always sing (off-key some say) at the top of my lungs. I am certain living your life as if it were heavenly will give you the attitude to make it so.

My story has almost come full circle. I loved being in my family as a child in whatever form it took. I love my parents, and the extra parents God gave me in the form of ministers, grandparents, uncles and aunts and two dear step moms. Trisha is still with us and loving this family. I have two aunts and an uncle still here. I am so blessed to have my wonderful parents! I am thankful every day that I can call my mom and she still knows me. I call my dad often and we wise crack together, and tell each other I love you.

I am most grateful for my little family. My husband is without a doubt the best in the world. He loves me and spoils me rotten. He made me cheesy eggs this morning even though I overslept and he’d already made and eaten his hours before.

There have been some tough things to endure. My dad says he thinks I’m the strongest of his children. I don’t know about that. The stomach surgery I had in 2010 when my brain swelled afterward was about the worst thing that ever happened to me health-wise. I endured intubation. I was taught by a wise and caring nurse how to breathe with the tube my throat when I started to come out of it. The Lord brought me through that one. Whew!

The very hardest thing for me was losing my babies, Shirley and Davey. If you missed that story you can find it earlier in this blog. I think about them all the time and thank the Lord that I had the privilege of being their mom. Which brings me to today.

It had been a rough week. You know the type these days, groceries not going far enough, gas not lasting long enough, working a project to earn some money and it’s really slow going. Wait. God is with us. Let’s try this again. It was a glorious week! The Lord showed his faithfulness in providing for us in every circumstance.

Today, Saturday was a perfect day. Besides sleeping in and getting cheesy eggs, we went with Mike’s sister Cindy to get a gift for a cousin’s wedding next weekend. We all went for a late lunch together. We always have so much fun talking together. We talked for hours. It was a beautiful sunny, wonder-filled Saturday.

I was tired when we got home, but I remembered to get the mail. There was no mail the day before due to Veterans Day 11-11-11. I brought the mail including an intriguing package in and put it on my kitchen table. I got a scissors and opened it and there was MY MOTHER’S RING! A beautiful ring with the names: Shirley, Davey and Abby etched in it and the birthstones of each of their birth months: October, November and January!

I will never take it off. My life has come full circle. I have my family together, including Shirley and Davey. I am ready for new beginnings. My past has been glorious and challenging, my present is satisfying, productive and expanding the muscles of my heart, the future? Well the future will be in my next book. Thank you so much for listening. Love to all! Libby


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18 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. First of all.I am blessed to know you Libby.Second of all thank you SO much for taking me and many others who will be deeply blessed by this e-book on this journey with you! You are a beautiful wonderful gift from Jesus to all of us!

    God Bless you sister!!

    Father I thank you for the heart that is poured out all over this book.May it be a blessing to others as it is to me.May others relive good memories that you created in their lives as you have and continue to do with Libby! Lord I pray you would continue to shower your blessings upon her and protect Libby with your never ending Love mercy and grace!

    In Jesus name I pray



    • Thanks for a lovely comment a most beautiful prayer! This blog is going to go private while I edit it to become an ebook! Thanks faithful readers! I will keep it open until Monday, November 14th. ❤ Libby


    • Libby, you saved the best for last! I just read “The Arrival”and line by line you have revealed what I have learned about you over the time we have been trading posts. Those many facets of your person that make you shine like a diamond and have made you so dear to me. I know one of the many reasons you are here on earth is to encourage me and show me God’s love in action. I still suspect that you have wings that can go unnoticed. I hope the people of the world go wild for your book. All the very best to you, my precious lovely sister in Christ!!!


      • Tom! You are so sweet a brother in Christ! I am overcome at your opinion of me, but then I realize it is Jesus in me that you see. I treasure our growing friendship and will miss our commenting back and forth. I hope people like this book too, But this activity will be greatly missed, so here’s to my next book on a blog! 😉


  2. Libby –
    Thanks for all of your blogs. I learned a lot about you as a beautiful person. You have gone through a lot and have come through it all as a wonderful person. I am glad that we met on the Twitterverse.


  3. What a great idea for your Mother’s Ring! Plus, it came when you needed a little up lift.


  4. Yes, it came at a great time and I am so happy to be wearing names and birthstones of all my kiddos on my hand!


  5. I have adored reading your posts and getting to know you so intimately over the past couple of months. You are a delight Libby and your life, hard as it has been in certain spots, is a beautiful example of how God works in our lives. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us! Can’t wait to read your book! I love that this ends with you getting a mother’s ring. What a wonderful gift!


  6. Wow! Very moving. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Thanks for that Libby. A wonderful “spiritual coda” to an amazingly uplifting and emotional story. Can’t wait to read the book.


  8. I appreciate it Dave! I can hardly wait until the e-book is ready. Suzanna @Brainmaker is helping as well as @JosephGier. So many people have helped me write this with their encouragement, including YOU! Thank you for that!


  9. Thanks for inviting us to visit with your family these months, Libby. It’s been fun and heartwarming to get to know you through the stories. I look forward to more, even after the book gets published. And I count myself blessed that I got to meet you for dinner last weekend.

    You are a tremendous woman, Libby, and a treasured friend.


  10. You are a treasured friend too Mark! I have enjoyed getting to know you as we’ve discussed these stories, and other things. I know we will be long-time friends!


  11. All I can say hon is AMAZING!!!! This has been such a blessing to hear these stories of your life & I can’t wait for more! I am pretty sure by now that you know how I feel about you! Love you more Lovely Libby, but Jesus loves you most!!!!


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