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I Call Him Dad!

Dad and I


“The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!”
~Author Unknown

There’s nothing quite like the gift in life of a really great dad! I tried hard this year to get the four of us Baker kids that were here in town to Celebrate Father’s day together, but it just wouldn’t click. First of all, the youngest, Sara, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin wasn’t coming until the end of the month, but Dad knew that so no worries. As for the rest of us, my brother Scott and I were trying to get us all together on Sunday for Father’s Day. I was convinced Dad was flying up from Texas specifically for his special day.

However, my sister Suzy was out of town right before Father’s Day and had about sixty things to do that day. She was having trouble making the brunch we were planning and wanted Dad to stop by later. My brother Bill was in his first Triathalon the day before and was having trouble imagining lifting his head up off a pillow on Sunday.

I understood them both. Scott and I thought we would bring Dad breakfast which would be a lot of fun. Yet something kept driving me to try to get the brood together like some mother hen. I couldn’t let go of it. I was stressing myself. Then I called Dad. He said, “Libby, I’m flying up for your birthday!” I couldn’t believe my ears! I thought he was kidding, but he didn’t seem to be. It never occurred to me — a Father’s Day baby — whose birthday was just two  days after Father’s Day this year, was in the forefront of his thoughts. Yet he was in mine!

We had a photo book ready for him and the photo card displayed below. We also had a special coffee maker he wanted. Here I was scrambling to make his day perfect in my mind, and he was coming up to make mine! What a guy! I love my dad!

I relaxed about all of our plans. He was delighted about the idea of breakfast at his condo made by Scott and I. And visiting at Suzy’s where he’d see his oldest grandson and new wife, along with a favorite son-in-law and Suzy of course. We then joked that he could swing by my Triathelete brother’s house and give him an adjustment by walking on his back! You have to know my dad, but we were laughing pretty hard. And I’ve no doubt he’ll do it. Swing by, not the back walk!

Families are funny and fun and ours is no different. I don’t know why I got so wound up about getting everyone in one place this year. I’m sure we will do so naturally when Sara gets to town the end of the month. Every day is Father’s Day when Dad is around.

I hope all you families out there with or without dads or moms around have a happy weekend and enjoy each other. For however much togetherness you can muster, it’s enough isn’t it? Or if you just decide to stay home ~ talk on the phone with a friend. Someone out there needs your humor and warmth this Sunday and will treasure the chance to spend some time with you, however they can.

God bless you all this Sunday! And for all you Dads ~ Happy Father’s Day! You are a Gift! Love, Libby


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