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We’ve Moved To The Woods!


This is now the view out of our living room window…and it’s very much like the view from the office/guest room and our bedroom. We have moved to an apartment with a “secluded wooded view” ~ and we love it!

We were living high on a hill before. It was windy and somewhat isolating. This is cozy and homey, and we feel a bit like Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. No Eyores in this home though. We’re in too good of a mood ~ both of us.

We had vaulted ceilings in our other place, but only one bedroom. Most of the space was vertical! On the ground we were tripping over each other, LOL! Now, we have both air and space. We have room to put our things and put them away as well. There is very little clutter and plenty of room for pictures and art, my two passions. And music and collectibles, my husband’s!

We are happy little creatures now in our woods. I do not imagine we will leave. Oh, to go to work and visit friends. To call on family, so they will call on us. And go to church to feed our souls and spirits and keep us happy in our woods and serving God and others in the world around us.

Your home is not ever about things, but there is a definite mood or spirit about the place. And this one is very peaceful and happy. Please come and see us, if you are ever in this neck of the woods. We would be happy to show you the view from inside our cozy and happy home.

Blessings and Love, Libby and Mike.


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4 thoughts on “We’ve Moved To The Woods!

  1. I am so glad you found a place that is homey ! It makes a big difference being in a place that projects a good spirit. It makes meditating on the Word of God so much easier. or cuddling up with your Bible, the nourishment flows from it. Some people believe you have to lay on a bed of nails or crawl on broken glass to get something good from God, but he is our father and gives because he loves us. Jesus said, ” Ask and you shall receive” I would tell you to be sure you thank Him for blessing you with a nice place but I’m sure you have already done so many times. As far as things go, if they control you they are too much, If you control them, it’s all good. You both have big hearts and wonderful spirits, be happy and be blessed. If I can come and see you I will, how far are you from Aurora or Chicago ? We may go there in the near future.


  2. You are so right Tom! We have thanked God many times for the blessing of this place. And do continue to do so every day. The atmosphere of a place is created in so many ways, but certainly the Lord is the creator of all that surrounds us in the spirit and His blessing is definitely here and we are thankful. Please do come and see us. Aurora is 399 miles from Minneapolis and Chicago 409, almost a 4 hour drive and a short plane trip. But it would be worth it! 🙂


  3. Marcia Mans on said:

    Send me your new address? Auntie M

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