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The Things That Matter

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Top-002UsGuys TweetupMike and I -- Happy Together!My Wonderful Daughter Abby!

When things go wrong, or heaven forbid we have a brush with death…it is said our lives flash before our eyes. When they do what will yours look like? It’s something to think about! Mine will be images like these: My first baby…my friends, my loving, dear husband, my best and beloved daughter! and so on. Images like these will keep flashing by.

I know I won’t remember shopping! LOL Or work, or school. I may think of writing. I will think about my parents and my sisters and my brothers and all the great times we share.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not going anywhere. It’s just my bump on the head in February and recurring symptoms have made me think of my mortality. I have faith in a life after this one with my Loving Lord, but what I will miss here! That is important for all of us to contemplate, don’t you think?

And then ask ourselves if we’re spending our waking hours spending time on and with the things and people that matter to us. Are we communing with our Lord, our faith…or ignoring our spiritual selves? Are we taking time for family, friends and faith I guess is the question.

The things that matter. I know in my own life that I am more sure today of what they are than before I took my spill and suffered the subdural hematoma that could have taken my life.

The things that matter to me are simply these:

  • A sunny, cloudy, slushy or wonderful ANY DAY I can share with my friends!
  • All the Time I can steal away to spend alone with my dear husband
  • Trips to and fro to see my FAV and very BEST only kiddo, Abby
  • Time spent talking to my loving and faithful friend, God
  • Phone calls and moments spent with my sibs
  • Any time I can see or talk with and hug my mom
  • Laughing and talking with my dad
  • Telling all of the people listed above: “I Love You”!

If you are my friend, I want you to know that I love you. In this way: I care about what happens to you and I want the best for you.
If you aren’t my friend yet, let’s get to know each other. There is plenty of time and love to go around.

Love you all, and I won’t say “very much” because it’s redundant, my love stands…but I will say this, I love you ALWAYS! Libby


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4 thoughts on “The Things That Matter

  1. Angie Mc on said:

    Lovely, plain truth post, Libby! I am praying for your health and complete recovery. Thanks for following me at my blog. I’m glad we’re connected 🙂


  2. Libby I know they always say your Life passes before your eyes! But as you know I was dead for 5 mins & and didn’t’ even know it till 2 ones later! This blog makes me think that the time the dear Lord gives us we must use wisely & make the time to do all that is important to us, but also what is important to God! After reading this the though went through my mind that I am not so concerned with what or what doesn’t pass before my eyes as I am passing ! Only what I will see before me when I get to the other side! And that I must put a much bigger effort into that by doing all you have spoken of here! Thanks for the reminder! Blessings & Love Always, Lovely Libby Baker Sweiger!


  3. Dearest Mare! You have a terrific and unique perspective on this post having actually died. Goodness! I know that you treasure your Lord, family and friends as I do…you live it every day. Thanks for always taking the time to comment….Love you girl!


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