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Celebration of Life Month: Shirley and Davey

I always wondered why my son David always had that angelic look of Heaven. Then he died at almost eleven months and I understood. This quote explains it so well:

“My Tom died as babies do, gently and without complaint. Because they have been such a little time with us, they seem to hold to life but weakly. I used to wonder if it was so because the memory of Heaven still lived within them, so that in leaving here they do not fear death as we do, who no longer know with certainty where it is our spirits go. This, I thought, must be the kindness that God does for them and for us, since He gives so many infants such a little while to bide with us.”
― Geraldine Brooks

Sometimes these days were unbearably hard for me. October was month my daughter Shirley Deborah was born: stillborn many years ago when I was twenty-two and the month Davey died when I was 24. But as time when by, it became easier and I think of it now as a Celebration of Life month. Yes, I think of them, but with the blessing of the Lord on my heart and on my head. I cry a little, but not the big sobs of many years ago. I have so many blessings in my life and things to be thankful for, my husband Mike and dear daughter Abby. I wish they had the chance to have known Davey, but I know we will be united in Heaven soon enough! This is the sure and constant hope of our Faith. And it is such an incredible comfort. There is so much sorrow in life, we humans cannot forget the anniversaries of tragedies or trauma, but we can lean on Him through them, get prayer, reach out, and get through. And we do.

My dear mom died this August and I know she is with them which is terrific comfort. I was thinking about the three of them today and it dawned on me I was having a rough day of grieving them all. Sometimes I’m a bit late in catching onto what I am going through. That’s why I blog. At least one reason…sharing marks the day…helps me remember them and honors them. I believe it helps others. Grief is real. It is painful. It is part of life. It also steers us to our sure and certain hope: Jesus who will help us through and dear friends who we can ask to pray us through these rougher days.

This gallery of pictures shows some of my blessings in this life and in Heaven. If you don’t see yourself, I’m writing this late and night and you know you’re in my heart. Love you all. Thank you for the richness and love you bring into my life!

Abby and I NOW! :)

Abby and I NOW! 🙂

Mike and I -- A Dream Come True

Mike and I — A Dream Come True

Linda and I

Linda and I

Laura Lynn and I in June of 2010

Laura Lynn and I in June of 2010

Dad and I

Dad and I

Skipping to Today: Stomach Surgery January 28th

Scott baby, Bill with present, Suzy, Me Mom and Dad all smiling :)

Scott baby, Bill with present, Suzy, Me Mom and Dad all smiling 🙂

Mike and I :)

My 96 Yr Old Uncle Rog, the Inventor, Just Made His First Patented Prototype

My 96 Yr Old Uncle Rog, the Inventor, Just Made His First Patented Prototype


Davey died 36 years ago this month...He's with Jesus and we'll see him someday

Davey died 36 years ago this month…He’s with Jesus and we’ll see him someday

Davey and I (6 months)

Davey and I (6 months)


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2 thoughts on “Celebration of Life Month: Shirley and Davey

  1. Marcia Mans on said:

    Dear Libby
    You may get this twice because I had to access Gravatar. Anyway, I shared the love and grief that your post this morning brought home to me. Seeing those pictures of little Davey brought back memories of the many days we spent caring for him that short period of his life. He was a little angel indeed, but a hurting angel and is now free of pain and with God. A side note, the picture of Abby made me realize how much she looks like your family, especially Scott and Bill. Great phoots to have. Love you dear, Auntie Moosch


    • Dear Auntie Moosch,
      You were so precious with little Davey, so wonderful to him. I don’t know what we would have done without you. He was a little angel and it took special people to care for him and to know his pain and to be as happy as we are that he is with the Lord…because this world was so difficult for him. I agree about Abby…but she has her daddy’s eyes :). Love you so much! Lib


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