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Christmas Came Early

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. CHARLES DICKENS

I try in everything I say and do to be kind. People who know me best may disagree. I don’t know. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes the bad mood wins. A crabby spell I can’t pull out of in time and I am caught in it. I hope they are few and far between. But, I fight a powerful illness in bipolar. Yet, as I have said before…I try not to let it define me. I am not my mood. They are not in control. I am.

Kindness to me at #Christmas means letting in the love, creating a Blessed and joyous atmosphere with art and decorations putting the whole house, its guests, all who see it in a joyful, praise filled mood!

Kindness at Christmas means whole-hearted participation in the gatherings, celebrations, times of worship and ceremonies you’re a part of with your whole heart and all your love and friendship. It means giving, not just traditional types, but also from the heart and pocketbook.

Kindness means keeping in touch, in our case through cards and Christmas letters sent early if possible and worship and fellowship at the local church, as well as Open Houses at the ministries you support.

I guess it’s good I got an early start this year! All because my daughter Abby was coming down to play hockey with Teri and I wanted to surprise them with the decorations. I’m going to need time to spend with the Lord Jesus… the reason for the season!!!

However, you celebrate, whatever your faith… enjoy this lovely season! Take time to reflect and be kind!


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