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The Gift is to the Giver

The gift is to the giver, and comes back most to him – it cannot fail

Walt Whitman

“…It is more Blessed to give than to receive.” Jesus Acts 20:35 NIV

I’m truly sorry for anyone who has not tested this maxim for himself and experienced the true joy of giving.

This time of year we are all scurrying around trying to meet the requests of loved ones to Santa, or a personal wish list just for us… are we feeling joyful, or just frantic?

I experienced some true joy this Christmas by trying an experiment with my art business. As best as I could, I gave away my art. I posted to my Facebook friends “art at cost” through the end of 2017! I’ve been having so much fun! Ordering prints because 3 people ordered 1 piece of art… the original of which is hanging in my living room! One gal searched my Etsy store and fell for a lively floral. “I just kept coming back to it,” she said. She picked it up at my house. So that piece was totally free! I have been so happy doing this. Buying a frame for a couple who “wanted the artist to pick the frame.”

Blessing people makes us giddy with joy, because we were fashioned after our Creator who created an entire universe and human race out of His boundless love and joy!

There are big and little ways to bless the people around us every day. Being cheerful, kind, lending a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on.

The day is young. It’s Christmas Eve. Bless someone! Find some joy!


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