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Early In The Morning, memories surround me

I’m thinking ’bout my mom…and my friend Heather, my painting partner who painted a complimentary painting for this one I did for mom’s Service Of Life. I’m frantically trying to locate it in my computer. I’m too tired to go to into storage! She died August 17th 3 years ago. I look so young in this picture. I feel I’ve aged so since she died. Or maybe just inside. I feel much older. Grown-up without my mom. My friend has moved to Florida and is moving to Arizona. Much has changed. I hold on to youth and dreams and hope and faith. Some times I’m sad. I wish I could call my mom on the phone like I used to almost every day. My daughter Abby came down this past weekend just because I said I missed her. What a dear, darling girl!

We had a sweet time together, Abby and Mike and I. My lonesomeness was quenched.

I got a call from Heather last night which got me thinking about Mom. The three of us did a lot together towards the end of her life when Heather visited. Some special bonding.

So did mom and my brother Scott and I. And my sister Suzy and Mom and I. It was helpful to double team her. The alone times were the best however …how I enjoyed those.

I remember them now and smile to myself! Before she got too ill, she and I had some adventures. Suzy and she did too, down at Lake Harriet. She and I went down to the Lake too and stayed in the car and looked at the Lake. I wasn’t as strong as Suzy and often just took her for drives. We’d stop and take pictures. Have a picnic in the car and talk.

Heather made wonderful videos of our times together…She’s a gifted photographer and picks fabulous songs to go with them. She put one on Facebook tonight. Fond memories!

It is fun to reminisce in the wee hours!


Scott, Heather and I

63443_10200988819023199_103137263_n (1)

Mom and I



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4 thoughts on “Early In The Morning, memories surround me

  1. Girl…. She is still alive in you thru Christ.,,,cause He is!!! Love you so much. Always have. You have been thru the wringer I never want to go thru, losing your mom….granted I would call her mom, and she had my mommy’s name- somehow remembered me!!! You are very special thru her. Take those blessings and smile!!! Each day girl, is a day closer to seeing her again! Hang tight, love life. So blessed to have you back!


    • Thank you Hetty for the reminders! Especially that each day I am closer to seeing her again! I know she is with me through Jesus and I am happy at the remembrance. Being with friends like you who knew her so specially means so much too! So blessed to be with you again…we’ll keep it that way! 🙂


  2. A call from me..,, you kinda got torture!!! 😉

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